Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18

Wow!  Can you believe it is April.  I am so looking forward to sitting on my deck, and enjoying some sunMy friend Leigh told me about her new system of storing die cuts and so I decided to go to Staples to try to find what she was talking about.  I think that I found something slightly different, but similar and I decided to give it a  try .  And I am in love.  I love having all of my die cuts handy and I can find them so quickly and they are sooo organized. I just love it.

So, I bought a black Marth Stewart binder, I believe the size is 9x7 or so, from Staples ($9.99) The Time Holz pocket folders that I store my stamps in would completely fit in this binder.

Then I bought a few packs of inserts at around $3.99 each. Some of the inserts have four on each page and some only had one large insert. But the REALLY cool thing about these inserts is that each pocket has a flap that folds down over the opening, so whatever is inside the pocket does not come out! How cool is that. So, all of my smaller dies fit in each pocket. And they don't fall out!!

Then, I used the full page with a flap at the top for my larger die cuts. I simply sewed a horizontal stitch halfway across the folder. Then I carefully slit the top layer of plastic underneath the stitch to make a second pocket!!! (In the future, I might try to sew a small flap to the plastic when I make this stitching in order to give a flap on the bottom pocket as well) So, this large pocket became 2!

Finally, I had vertical die cuts to try to figure out what to do with. I initially placed them all into one large pocket folder, but did not like it. So, here I stitched 2 vertical seams along the folder and viola! I had a spot for each individual die!

Now, this binder fits into the basket where my Tim Holz pocket folders are holding all of my stamps and it is all together! I love it

Thanks for looking!


  1. Marlo this is wonderful! I love how you came up with a great way for storing the vertical dies , stitching looks like it was a perfect solution! TFS
    Now you can enjoy finding everything fast.

  2. Great die organization!!! TFS!

  3. I just bought these binders and folders as well. So excited. I've tried a couple of different things for storing my dies, but I like that I can see the die cuts at a glance. I also started a sentiment 'library' and am using another Martha Stewart binder for that as well. I love this system.

  4. So glad you shared this, thank you! Staples, perfect, we have one nearby. I just lost an alphabet die on the floor yesterday and this will help solve that problem.